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Herbupieles Ltda. was created in 2006 by Hernando Buitrago Garzón after he inherited this labor from his parents whom taught him from very little this beautiful art. Hernando Buitrago first started selling TULA, material used for the fabrication of traveling cases. Later on he got into the selling of napas, primary material for the manufacturing of shoes, nowadays a product of herbupieles, attending national sales along with his exporting product: Cowhides.

HERBUPIELES  is looking forward to expand its market to other countries , paying special attention to quality and product regulations for everyone of them.

Its mission is to fabricate our products under Colombian environmental regulations paying special attention to social responsibility, as long as Herbupieles keeps growing, we can offer more jobs and hire other employees to grow with us.

Values and Philosophy

Responsibility is a very important part of our company because it allow us to fulfill all our company needs in order to grow.

Honesty for us is as important as responsibility because it allows us to establish from the beginning an image people can be interested in to do business with us.

La philosophy de HERBUPIELES, is to keep working as always through difficulties such us the quality of hides and a very competitive market.

Keys to success in the national market

For Herbupieles the key to success in the national market is to always provide products of excellent quality , implementing new technologies and new products also kind to the environment. Herbupieles is a company opened to change and new technologies and its personnel is ready to apply that change because such a change its always been a main objective of Herbupieles. We are glad to have seen and applied the advances and results of such changes.